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Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS)

food hygiene rating system

Simply Safer carry out a pre-inspection Food Safety & Hygiene audit to take place before your local authority inspection. This will enable us to highlight any issues or concerns that you will need to address so you are in the best position to gain a 5 Food Hygiene Rating score when you are inspected.

Displaying your Food Hygiene Rating Scheme sticker is a legal requirement in Wales and it is planned to be a legal requirement in England to have your sticker on display.  Therefore it is vital you are ready for your inspection.

We are also able to support you if you feel you have had an unfair score and need help appealing.

We are able to tell you when you can expect your next inspection and coach staff on how to be confident and ready for your enforcement visit.

Coaching - food safety

simply safer - food safety coaching

Simply Safer can provide coaching to business owners, managers or chefs. Despite being Environmental Health Officer we understand that there is more to running a catering business than just food safety. However, it is a vital element to ensure your food is served safe. We can coach staff in the kitchen to demonstrate how they can produce great food safely and ensure they have a due diligence defence. This can provide the business owner the confidence that staff are fully aware of the correct policies and procedures and that they are being followed.

Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS)

primary authority logo

Primary Authority

How would it feel to know that your food safety system has already been given ‘official approval’ and cannot be challenged?

Simply Safer work with the Environmental Health Department at the London Borough Council of Newham (known as a ‘Primary Authority Partnership’).  Newham Council’s specialist officers can make a detailed review of the Food Safety System that Simply Safer have proposed for your business and give it official approval (this is called ‘Primary Authority Advice’).  They will be saying that it meets the requirements of food law and official guidance.

Simply Safer can sort that out for you.  In the jargon of the Primary Authority scheme, you need to become part of Simply Safer’s Coordinated Primary Authority Partnership with Newham Council.  Simply Safer would be your ‘co-ordinator’. Find out how you could have a ‘legally protected’ Food Safety System in your business.

food safety management systems

HACCP (Hazard and Critical Control Point)

The law requires every food business to have a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) based on the principles of HACCP. Simply Safer will translate the over-complicated language of HACCP and develop a system with you that makes sense to your business. Put simply, HACCP requires you to look at the food you produce and ask where food safety could go wrong and ensure you have measures in place so it does not go wrong. This means customers consume safe food and you comply with the law protecting you and your customers.

BRC or SALSA accreditation

Food manufacturers who hope to supply larger retail outlets such as Waitrose, Tesco or Marks & Spencer etc. need to gain BRC or SALSA accreditation.

This is an onerous task for a Small or Medium sized business who may not have the in-house resources and expertise. Simply safer can help develop policies and procedures, carry out internal audits and deliver the necessary training in order for the business to gain the required accreditation.

If you would to speak about BRC or SALSA then complete the contact details below and we will be in touch to arrange an initial meeting.

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