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simply safer - health and safety

Often forgotten is the health element of Health and Safety, for example; mental health, stress, work related asthma, all of which can all impact on lives. Whilst Health and Safety is often used to avoid all risks in our lives, used properly, health and safety should never say ‘NO YOU CAN’T’.

The question should be ‘HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO IT SAFELY?’ Let us help you make it as safe as possible, as simply as possible.

Risk Assessment and Policies

We can carry out your risk assessments identifying the control measures you already have in place and any further actions you are required to carry out. We can support with the implementation of any policies and procedures that are required as a result of the risk assessment.


We can offer bespoke training that may have been identified as part of the risk assessment or accredited training  – see Health & Safety on our TRAINING page.


In order for your business to have confidence in its health and safety procedure’s, we can carry out an audit. This would either highlight any areas that may require further actions or give you the reassurance that you are taking all reasonable precautions.

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